【Our Profile】
  • First International Law and Intellectual Property Offices was established in 1993, and
    specializes in Commercial Law, Investment Planning in Taiwan, Intellectual Property Right and
    China Affairs related issues.
  • We have, since 1996, created a co-operative working relation with the law firms in China,
    Hong Kong and other countries around the world.
  • In order to provide more regional professional services in China, we have set up a consulting
    company in Shanghai in 2010.
  • Our firm has given many superb legal advices to numerous listed companies, shareholding
    companies, as well as small/medium enterprises. We have been announced as honorary legal
    advisor by the Ministry of Economy' s Department for Small and Medium Enterprises as we
    have furnished our legal services to many small/medium enterprises on matters relating to shareholders/directors meeting, company establishment, shareholding structure, investment,
    arbitration, intellectual property, fair trade commission, e-commerce, publicizing companies,
    lawsuits, building construction, labor disputes, legal opinions and all other civil and criminal
    litigations/disputes/commercial matters which might need our assistances.
  • We have created plenty of outstanding performances in the field of corporate mergers and
    acquisitions. Once we dealt withthe case on Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd. openly purchasing
    Taiwan Fixed Network Co. Ltd. in the total amount of $53.5 billion, and now it has become
    one of Taiwan's leading companies in telecommunications industry. In recent years, we have
    assisted the company mergeramong Chi Mei Optoelectronics, Influx Display Corp. and TPO
    Displays Corp. in Taiwan panel industry with acquisition amount up to 34.7 billion Yuan.
    In terms of the merger between the Taiwanese enterprises and foreign enterprises, we have
    settled the case on INTEL and HSBC purchasing the Taiwanese enterprise, WINKING
    ETERTAINMENT LTD.; Swedish enterprise purchasing the Taiwanese enterprise, ABBA
    Linear Tech Co., Ltd. And we also have been named as one of the outstanding law firms in
    Taiwan by Asian MAGAZINE.
  • Our firm has assisted a number of famous foreign companies (such as: Nissan, LG, HSBC, etc.)
    to invest in business or to establish places of business in Taiwan, or to assist and act for the
    clients to set up the company organizations in overseas in correspondence with their operation
    consideration. We assist the clients comprehensively in any business investment behaviors in
    Taiwan or foreign countries.
  • Intellectual Property Right has always been one of the strengthson our practice area. Since the
    Section 301 of U.S. trade lawwas enacted in the 1990s, we have been devoted to IPR field
    for a long time and witnessed the evolution of Taiwan's intellectual property systems. In terms
    of the law suit of the intellectual property right, we have conducted the Copyright Trial and won
    the matter on behalf of Michelin (France), which the Taiwan courts have accepted the case as
    the precedent for copyright matters. Recently we have assisted the affiliated enterprise of YULON
    Motor Co. Ltd. which is the largest automobile company in Taiwanto process and plan
    “LUXGEN” trademark issues concerning the protection and application of the intellectual
    property all over the world, the case has been considered to be the distinguished one of our
    trademark office.  
  • In the area of notarization and certification, our lawyer has been selected as a Notary Publicby
    Taipei District Court that is capable of providing service on certification of English instruments
    and has extensive professional experience in the business of Transnational (regional) instrument
  • In the area of litigation and non-litigation, each case has been undertook and deal with by
    professional lawyers, i.e. not only the specific services we providefor our customers, but also
    have a strong team of attorneys for support and cooperation. Besides, we also involve in various
    nonlitigation matters, such as: enforcement, inheritance and drafting Chinese and English contract,
    etc. To be professional, proficient and excellent is what we are striving for.
  • Our firm has number of attorneys and team members whom specializes in different fields of
    expertise, and we believe that we can provide our clients the most excellent services in all legal

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