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【Certification Services】
  •  Notarization and Authentication Business                                                              

                     ◎  In recent years because of the development of international trade and the frequent
                           interaction among people in different countries, either corporations or individuals
                           often need to take the documents of country A to use in country B, and how to
                           identify the signature of the documents real or whether the documents issued by
                           the government are real or not, the documents must apply for Notarization and
                           Authentication at this moment.

                     ◎  That is to say, if taking the documents made in Taiwan to use in foreign countries,
                           in addition to notarization and authentication by the public notary in Taiwan, but
                           also required the signature and verification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
                           the Republic of China (Taiwan) or foreign units stationed in Taiwan.

                     ◎  Our lawyers in charge have been selected as the folk notaries by Taipei District
                           Court with extensive professional experiences in the business for a long time. 

                     ◎  If domestic documents are used in foreign countries, generally speaking, they all
                           need to be signed verification by the embassy or authority in userstate, besides
                           dealing with the verification signed by the embassy or authority set up in Taiwan,
                           we are also specialized in the document verification business in the countries
                           which haven't set up the embassy or authority in Taiwan, such as the Middle East,
                           Central and South America, Europe and so on.

  • Notarization and Authentication Documents                                                           

Public Documents Authentication

Translation Instruments Authentication

Letter of Consent Authentication

Signature Authentication

Power of AttorneyAuthentication

Power of Attorney for Investment of Foreign Natural Person Authentication

Authentication of Bank Balance Proof

Diploma/ Transcript Authentication

Custody Power of Attorney Authentication

Authentication of Single Affidavit

Authentication of Divorce Registration Affidavit

Authentication of Adopting Children in Mainland China Affidavit

Affidavit of Willing to Settle in Mainland China Authentication

Authentication of Birth Certificate Affidavit

Authentication of Unrelated Statement

Authentication of Marriage Affidavit

Agreement of Rebuilding Villages Authentication

Affidavit of Sole proprietorship of the pharmacy Authentication

Authentication of Tuition Loans Guarantee

Authentication of Certification of Service

  • The Process of Notarization and Verification of Foreign Embassies               
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