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【Intellectual Property Rights】
  • ObtaintheTrademark Right                                                                                                                

            After submitting the application,the Trademark Officewill make a form of review and

            Reviewone after another.

            The Trademark Officeshall make a substantive review processand approval of that 

            Application (i.e.preliminary approval)and shallpublicly announceit later.

                    Any person may file an opposition to a trademark which has been given preliminary 
                    examination and approval within three months from the day it was publicly announced.

                    If no opposition is filed after the period of public announcement expires, registration
                    shall be granted, and the trademark shall be publicly announced.

                    After the trademark being publicly announced, a trademark registration certificate shall
                    be issuedby the Trademark Office. 

                    According to past experienceof operation, it will go through an examination period of 
                    8 to 12monthsfrom the receipt of the applicationto preliminary approvalannounced. Until
                    theTrademarkOffice issuesthe registration certificate, it takes about 15months thereof.


  •  Period taken for Application to be Granted & Validity                                          

                     The period of validity of a registered trademark shall be ten years, counted from the
                     day the registration is approved.

                     If a registrant needs to continue to use the registered trademark after the period of
                     validity expires, an application for renewal of registration shall be made within six
                     months before the expiration.

                     The period of validity for each renewal of registration shall be ten years, and could
                     be renewedinfinitely.

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