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【Intellectual Property Rights】
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                    ◎  Processof Review

                          After the application is submitted, it will go through an examination period of 33
                          months. In the event that the Registrar accept the application, and the trademark
                          may proceed to the publication in the official gazette for threemonths. During the
                          three-month period, any person/company with objection may oppose the grant
                          of acceptance. If no objection is raised, a registration certificate will be issued
                          upon the expiry of publication period. According to the experience, it will get the
                          application number within onemonth and get the examination results within 33-36
                          months fromthe date of application.

                    ◎  Term of Validity

                          The registration of trademark is valid for a period of ten yearscommencing from
                          the date of application. Ifrenewalis necessary after expiration, the extension of
                          trademark should be applied and the renewal shall be for further ten (10) years.

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