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【Non-action litigation】
  • Arbitration System                                                                                                                

  ◎  According to the Arbitration Law of the Republic of China, parties with the written Arbitration 
        Agreement may proceed with the arbitration as stipulated therein to resolve the dispute.

                    ◎  The arbitrator shall possess legal or professional knowledge or experience, a reputation for
                          integrity and impartiality.

                    ◎  Where in absence of appointment of arbitrator or a method of appointment in Arbitration 
                          Agreement, each party may appoint its own arbitrator and the appointed arbitrators shall 
                           jointly appoint a third arbitrator to chair the arbitration.

                    ◎  Should for any reason that the parties failed to appoint arbitrator within prescribed period, 
                          the other party can apply to the court for the appointment thereof.

                    ◎  The arbitrator shall uphold the principle of confidentiality in conducting the arbitration.

                    ◎  The judgment handed shall be binding on all relevant parties and have the same effect as the
                          final judgment given by the Court.

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